Important information about the new “Istanbul” airport

As of October 29, 2018, the third airport has partially started its operations. The new airport’s name is ISTANBUL.
Please review the following information regarding the ISTANBUL Airport transportation and parking.

  • The third airport’s IATA code is ISL. On the airfare tickets the arrival and departure airports are in IATA codes. Please see the IATA codes for all three airports in Istanbul and check your ticket for these codes on your ticket in advance of your flight.
  • İstanbul Airport is about 46km / 35 miles driving distance to the TAKSIM SQUARE, the well-known center in Istanbul.
  • Currently the only public transportation will be handled by two companies. IETT is the municipality run bus company. HAVAIST is the bus company appointed by the government to serve with more luxurious buses.
  • Once the metro / subway / tube lines are completed, the transportation will be much quicker from all central regions of Istanbul.
  • By December 30, 2018 the parking spaces will be free of charge.
    Please click here for updated information.
  • The new Istanbul airport will continue to expand its operations gradually. Even the planned flights may be re-planned to arrive or depart from the new airport.
  • Please check your flights well before the planned date to make sure that you travel to the right airport.
  • The moving of the Ataturk airport to new Istanbul airport will take place on 30-31 December 2018. For 12 hours within these two days there will be no operations in Ataturk Airport. For 12 hours no flights will arrive to or depart from Ataturk Airport.
  • As of 1 January 2019, the new airport will start operating more functionally.
  • Please visit the website of new Istanbul airport’s website for further information.