Every Event is  Special  for Us...

Biz Kimiz?

Co&Co tour is established in Antalya on May of 2013 that is A-group travel agent. Co&Co Tour provides services for business world professionals with team of experts.

Our established location where is the capital city of Turkish tourism provide advantages on every object and requirements to business world professionals.

You will be sure that ' Every Event is Special for Us.' when we collaborate.

In developing tourism World, we follow closely and we present a dynamic, high-quality and highly training services to our customers.

  • Creating value for our costumers, providing excellent service constantly and finding a solution. We believe that companies and managers and personel of the public administration should train and take an orientation services to change World and for economic conditions.
    For this reason, the secret of being a succesful is studying focused on the individual and we act by thinking.
  • Aims to be best, customer-oriented, innovative, trustly, honest.
  • Presenting fast and efficient Travel service, providing the most convenient way to meet your expectations corporate structure is one of the basis principles.
  • There is no mean of time for our services, because we work 24 hours for our guests.
  • Individual and Social Productivity
  • Holistic Approach
  • Sensitivity to the environment and society
  • Privacy
  • Honesty
  • Innovations to follow
  • Neutrality
  • Team Work

Antalya Turizm Haritası